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Before & After Photos

Mobile Home Roof Upgrade. EPS foam with White R-Panel. Decreased the attic temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Took down a dividing wall, put in several load bearing LVLs and opened it up into a great room.

In Houston we remodeled dozens of houses like the one above after Hurricane Harvey. Flooding was anywhere from 6″-48″ in these houses.

This bathroom’s walls, flooring, plumbing and fixtures all had to be replaced.

This empty room was turned into a storage/bathroom/laundry room.

Re-framed the stairs and opened up a door to be able to access the bathroom from the living room. Refinished the original oak floor.

Replaced Sink cabinets, plumbing and fixtures to make space livable.

This was a DIY tiny house and I came in to complete it at the framing/plumbing stage. I don’t have the before pictures on this one except partway through fixing the bathroom.

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