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Finished Construction of A Secret Bookcase Door

This is an out-swing bookcase door. They are a lot more difficult to conceal so if you have the option, definitely do an in-swing. There are cheaper ways to make this kind of hidden door, so if cost is an issue, try using a standard door, cutting it down and hanging a large picture or Mirror on it.

How to install Laminate or Vinyl plank flooring

Do’s and Don’ts of installing click together, floating vinyl, or laminate flooring. I also give some tips and tricks to speed up the process.

DeWalt 60v Trimmer Spool Head Removal

If you are having trouble with your spool head not moving or advancing string, it’s probably because there is grass wrapped around the shaft that won’t allow it to depress. Or if you just want to clean your weed eater, this is super easy, just need a screwdriver.

Replace Old T12 or T8 Fluorescent Lights with LED

In this video I show you how easy it is to replace ballast fluorescent fixtures with direct drive LED type b bulbs. Hot on one side, neutral on the other.

Adding a Shower Drain Inside a House

I show what I had to do in this dormitory for students to locate and determine where the main branch of the sewer drain was running, cut through the concrete, and install a line and vent for a new shower.

Installation of Concrete Backsplash

I show how it looks and how I am cutting them to fit.

Making a concrete backsplash form

Just showing what I was doing to make some backsplashes out of concrete.

How to replace a pipe under your home

Do you need to replace an old pipe under your tub/shower or sink but have a concrete foundation? Then you need a water auger! This is a house built in the 50’s that got flooded by Hurricane Harvey, and the iron drain pipe was completely corroded and actually caved in on itself. I show the tool I use to dig out the clay under the house in order to place a new pvc pipe under the shower.

Using Pocket Holes to build Shaker style Cabinet Doors

Just rambling about some problems with the method I used to build some recessed panel, “Shaker” Cabinet doors. Definitely will just be gluing and clamping for future projects. I’m going to try and add the finished product picture…

Water Heaters Installation

I show you what a proper water heater install should look like. If you are going through the cost and hassle of having your water heater replaced you definitely want to make sure that these details aren’t missed.

Electric Water heater Installation

I show you a couple of electrical things to be aware of when installing an electric water heater.

Work Trailer Solar Power Setup

Just showing how I’ve got my solar panel hooked up in my work trailer.

When PEX goes horribly wrong

I did an inspection on this house and this is the worst PEX installation I have ever seen. This is to give you an idea of what to look for when you have a plumber installing PEX in your house.

Tiny House Rope Ladder DIY

I show you how I made a rope ladder that is functional and sturdy for use in a tiny house. The wood I used is maple from a single rough sawn 7″ x 8′ board that I planed down and cut into 24″ pieces. The wood hasn’t been stained/sealed yet.

Flashing an Exterior Door Remodel

I show what I’m doing to maintain good flashing on a remodel where I’m cutting into the exterior wall to install a door.

Concrete countertop form and considerations

I show a completed form and some hurdles you might run into when making the form.

How to install a window in metal studs Part 1

I had an office building that needed a sliding window between two offices so that the employees could hand paperwork back and forth without having to walk all the way to the other office. However, the wall was made with steel studs, so a little learning curve to know how to frame it. This is a non load bearing wall, so no header needed.

How to install a window in metal studs Part 2

I show how I have the window placed in between metal studs inside an office building. I don’t have the finished casing around the window, but it’s pretty straightforward once the window’s installed, you just have to use trim screws instead of finish nails to attach to the metal studs.

Fastest way to remove PEX from crimp fittings

I show the easiest methods I’ve found to re-use brass PEX fittings after you make a bad crimp, or in my situation, have to redo someone else’s work and will reuse the fittings.

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